I’ll Be Teaching a Hand-tied Bouquet Flower Design Workshop in Berwyn, PA on August 9, 2016

In August, I’ll be teaching a hand-tied bouquet flower design workshop in Berwyn, PA. The workshop will be 2 1/2 hours and include fresh flowers, floral tape and a container.

Hand-tied bouquets are popular wedding bouquets but they’re also designed for low and lush table centerpieces. They’re my favorite design because they don’t fall apart and they’re easy to transport in a car. If you entertain a lot, I’ll teach you how to create a garden-style centerpiece to wow your guests. And if you’re a bride who would like to learn how to design a DIY bridal bouquet, I’ll show you how in this workshop.

I’ll teach the basic skills, elements & principles in creating a hand-tied bouquet/centerpiece. By the end of the workshop, you’ll know how to create a hand-tied bouquet. Afterwards, the sky’s the limit as to what you can create using seasonal flowers bought at the market and flowers from your own garden


In this photo, hydrangea, roses and pink stock are ideal flowers for a garden style-bouquet. I’ll be using these flowers along with others in the workshop. All three flowers are available year round from a local market. The same florist wholesaler where florists purchase wedding flowers also provides flowers to the local Wegmans grocery stores. If you need a lot of hydrangeas for a DIY wedding, Wegmans will order them for you.

When I took this photo, I had just returned from the wholesaler, unpacked them from the box, cut the stems and plunked them in a bucket of water treated with floral food. This is conditioning time for the flowers before they’re arranged. I’ll include conditioning tips and tricks in the workshop. For wedding flowers, it’s all about timing. You’ll want your roses fully open on  the wedding day.


After the flowers were conditioned, I arranged this basic, yet timeless and beautiful hand-tied bouquet. I incorporated a few ivy vines to make the bouquet sing. Just a touch of greenery added to lush flowers lends a just-picked-from-the-garden feel to the bouquet. You can add berry branches, curly willow or ornamental grass, all of which adds interest and texture to a bouquet.

With this hand-tied bouquet, wrap the stems in double satin ribbon and stud  with pins, and voila, you’ll have a bride’s or bridesmaid’s bouquet.

Cut the stems to place in a low or tall vase or container and you’ll have a centerpiece for a dining table, entryway or coffee table.

I  looped aspidistra leaves around the bouquet, chose a 5″ whitewashed wood square container for my garden-style design. A hand-tied bouquet is easy to water. Since the bouquet is bound in tape, just lift it out, change the water (daily), recut the stems and place back in the vessel. The bouquet will last six days sprayed with Crowning Glory. Sometimes my roses last ten days with proper conditioning.


If you’re interested in taking the Hand-tied Bouquet workshop or have questions, please email me at suefogwell@gmail.com

Date: August 9, 2016

Time: 1:00 to 2:30PM

Cost: $65.00 per person

Please bring clippers to class. Bottled water and cookies will be provided.

Each student will take home a floral bouquet with a retail value of $80.00.

Class size is limited to 12 students.

For beginners and all skill levels.

I accept credit cards or check for the workshop.

My website is www.cherchezfleur.com



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