I’m Getting a New Camera! The Nikon COOLPIX S3700

As all of you know, my camera broke a couple of weeks ago. Since then, I’ve been taking photos with my iPhone. Unfortunately, the photos appear upside down on many computers and devices. I can make the photos upright by editing them but this is one additional step that I don’t have time to do. It’s unfortunate, because I could actually write blog posts from my iPhone and post the photos; it was such an instantaneous thing but due to the glitch I must get a new camera.

So I’m going to try out a Nikon COOLPIX S3700. Nikon is actually loaning it to me to try out and write a review. If I like it, I’ll buy it. I actually had a COOLPIX years ago and loved it so I expect that I will like the latest model just as much. For such a small, budget-friendly camera, it took fabulous photos. As a matter of fact, at the time, several people asked me which camera I used for most of my travel photos and when I told them it was a tiny Nikon, they went out and bought one too.

Even though, smartphones have built-in cameras, I’m old school and will always take all my photos with a traditional camera. It’s funny because I bought my iPhone back in April and never took one photo with it until my camera broke two weeks ago. Without a camera, I began snapping photos with my iPhone…and then the discovery of Apple’s upside down photos…dear me!

The COOLPIX S3700 is a traditional point-and-shoot camera that easily slips into pockets (a must for me). It also has HD video. It retails for $139.95 but is only $119.95 on the Nikon website. I’m sure this loaner will turn into a purchase for me.

So beginning next week, Nikon photos will appear on Brickhouse319! I can’t wait!

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