Installing High Hats in the Master Bedroom Wing


Today, we finished installing the 4″ HALO high hats in the master bedroom wing (new addition). We had to actually go out and buy two more boxes of high hats (six to a box). Each high hat cost about $19.00. By installing recessed lighting, we’re adding additional value to the house.

The photo above is the hallway leading to the walk-in closet and master bedroom.


The large walk-in closet and master bath is to the right.



John installed 6 high hats in the master bedroom, 3 in the closet and 3 in the master bath (a fan/light will be installed in the water closet). He learned how to do basic electrical wiring when he worked for a builder over 15 years ago.

image image image

All the recessed lighting will have dimmer switches and every room will be wired for a fan.

Today, my blog spiked and got 23,000 hits (as a result of I get a major spike about once or twice a month and it’s always a real treat. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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