Insulating the Basement

We have to insulate the basement too! John started on the north wall.


We hope to get the insulation inspection soon!


4 thoughts on “Insulating the Basement

  1. Take pictures before the insulation so you have a map of where the wires, pipes, etc. are running, for reference in case repairs are needed.

  2. Would you explain on the blog why an insulation inspection is needed? Is this for new, existing or remodel codes? I’m undergoing a flood-related remodel and have not heard of insulation inspections in Colorado. You guys are doing a great job!!!

    1. The inspection for insulation is required in our township (and most others in this region) before the dry wall. It’s one of many inspections. For us, it’s required in the existing part of the house and new construction. Every state is different and every township is different. Thanks for reading the blog!

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