Intriguing House: The 18th Century Blue Ball Inn with a Macabre History


I drive by this house frequently as it’s only 2 miles from Brick House 319. It’s a stone’s throw from the Daylesford Train Station (between Berwyn and Paoli), situated on a bend and close to the road.

It was built as a tavern/inn around 1795 which catered to itinerant merchants and peddlers traveling through Pennsylvania, Delaware and Ohio. Several murders took place at the tavern. One of the owner’s, Prissy Moore, was married three times and lived to be 100 years old (1860).

According to history, Prissy supplied large quantities of whiskey to peddlers who carried large sums of money and then several of them disappeared.

In 1894, decades after prissy died, while doing renovation work, six skeletons were found under the cellar floor. Rumor has it that maybe they were her three husbands along with a few peddlers.

It was called the Blue Ball Inn (click to see a photo circa 1900). From doing a little research, apparently there was a large pole with a blue ball in front of the tavern. If the ball was raised to the top of the pole, stagecoach drivers knew passengers needed to be picked up. If the ball was down, the stagecoach driver didn’t stop. The house is now a private residence.


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