It’s All About Inspections! Pressure Tests & Fireblocking

Yesterday, we passed the rough plumbing inspection. When the inspector showed up last Wednesday, we failed the pressure test.

He showed up again at 9am yesterday morning,  when the plumbers were here, and the pressure test failed again. Fortunately, the inspector came back later in the morning. The pressure test was done a third time and we finally passed.

The building inspector will be back tomorrow for the rough framing inspection (failed the first inspection).

John had to do all the fireblocking in the new addition as well as throughout the existing part of the house, where he framed out 2×4 walls for insulation.


In addition to using scrap wood and 7/16 OSB board for fireblocking, John also used fireblocking foam (messy job).


He went through many cans of Great Stuff fireblocking foam.


John started spraying above the front door and underneath the wood fireblocking that he already installed. At the double plate 8ft ceiling height, a solid wood blocking barrier is needed.


Fireblocking starts at 8 feet and goes all the way to the top of the vaulted ceiling.


John started the wood and foam fireblocking barrier in the basement and went up to each level of the house. By fireblocking each level, a fire will be contained to that level and unable to spread to the floor above.image

John also used fireblocking foam around all plumbing that went vertically from one floor to the next.


Once we pass inspection tomorrow (we’re optimistic), we can begin insulating the house. We’re very much looking forward to this since it was 13 degrees this morning.


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