It’s Earsplitting!

We have a total of 12 doors to install in the house. Five of the doors need to be ripped due to the 1954 2×3 framing construction.

Ripping a door is probably the most odious sound I have ever endured. When John uses the circular saw, it immediately triggers a negative visceral reaction far worse than nails on a chalkboard. When the blade slices the door jamb, it’s not too different than a train scraping on tracks for a solid 2 minutes.

The standard jamb on the stock doors has four parallel lines. John marked the length of the jamb at 3 1/2.” The 2×3 is 2 1/2″ and the drywall is 1/2″ on each side.

John ripped each side of the door as well as the top.

This is the strip that came off after he ripped one side.

After the door jamb was cut to 3 1/2,” John used a DeWalt palm sander to smooth rough edges made by the blade.

After using the circular saw and palm sander there was a fresh coat of construction dust everywhere.

Wearing a mask is essential, of course.

We chose SCHLAGE door handles in satin nickel for all the doors.




6 thoughts on “It’s Earsplitting!

  1. I guess those are some of the surprises you get when you’re remodeling a 1954 house. Love the doorhandles and the analogies.

  2. Our house is about the same era (1950) and we have the same problem with the doors. I am not looking forward to replacing them, for this reason!

  3. My sympathies! We are gradually replacing doors in our 1979 house and not using pre hung models, which would have been easier. We have had to shave the actual door on two sides to make them one quarter inch narrower to fit into the original jambs. I have thought sometimes that our original doors must have been stood on end and the walls built around them, or that every door was job built to fit the opening the framer felt like at the time. Nothing about the original doors seemed standard! Fortunately, only two more, one closet and garage (that one WILL be pre-hung).

  4. We replaced 9 doors in our house; previous owners had used the existing frames, which led to other oddities. We bought pre-hung new doors and had those installed: now they are plumb and look great. Lots less work to tear it out and shim them to the correct position than to revise the door jam. We have the brushed bronze handles and the only issue is that they tend to “hang you up” if you are wearing something loose and go by too close.

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