It’s Finished!

The Palram 6×8 Greenhouse is finished!

I really, really like it.

It looks like someone else likes it too…

Now that the greenhouse is constructed, John would suggest setting aside 3 days if you’re assembling it alone and 2 days if you have a second person.

I’m so glad I chose this size. For me I wouldn’t want it any bigger and I wouldn’t want it any smaller.

I’m really happy with the overall greenhouse design.

The bay with the vented skylight is hinged at the base of the aluminum roof ridge.

I plan to have a kitchen garden to the left.

Palram Instructions: Before I ordered the Palram greenhouse from Lowes I read several online consumer reviews. Several people said the instructions were hard to follow. However, John had no problem following the instructions; they were easy to follow.

I think the key is having time set aside along with a little patience and everything will go smoothly. I will admit that on one occasion John got a smidge frustrated but he got over it quickly. It’s like anything, it just takes a little effort and then it’s a done deal.

I know I’ll get years of enjoyment out of this greenhouse!

The instruction booklet has no text. It’s all diagrams with effective step-by-step assembly instructions. Every greenhouse aluminum piece has a numbered sticker.

By the way, not one piece was missing and not one sticker was missing. The aluminum frame has a solid powder-coated finish. I believe it will last a long time.

I recommend this product. It’s shipped in two boxes.


4 thoughts on “It’s Finished!

  1. Congrats Sue! It’s another milestone in what’s new in your old house and it’s really quite attractive.

    I’ve only known one person who had a greenhouse and it was much like yours with white framing and the man had some kind of heat coming from an electric cord from the house. It was his retirement hobby and he grew very exotic flowers.

    Wishing you lots of blooms!

  2. Hope you can order extra “pieces,” as I’m pretty sure you’ll want a second door for ventilation with your hot summers. I look forward to seeing how it works for you. Ventilation is a deal breaker with many of these kit greenhouses.

  3. This is a splendid-looking greenhouse and I agree with you when you say that it is the perfect size. It is large enough for practicality, yet compact enough so that it looks just right in the garden. If it was much bigger, it would be too domineering for the backyard space. From what you mention, it seems quick and easy to assemble, too, which is always a major plus!

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