It’s Finished


After installing the vented soffit on the east side, there was a small section to finish.


After the last section was installed, we went to Home Depot on Saturday and bought fascia.


On Sunday, John asked a friend to help him hold both 16′ fascia boards so that they would remain level while he nailed them in.




Priming the cut ends of the fascia before installing.


AFTER: Installed and finished!

2 thoughts on “It’s Finished

  1. But there’s still the other side above the patio, right? But it’s so close.

    How did it go with the door guys? French doors still leaking?

    1. Yes, there still is a small section to do above the box bay window on the patio side. It’s raining today so it’s on hold until it clears in a day or so. The rep from Feather River will be calling this week to make an appointment to come out to the house and fix the French doors. It takes 3 to 5 business days for the rep to call back. 🙂

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