Just Roses and Lisianthus

I’m holding a very simple, yet pretty hand-tied bouquet with ‘Wedding Kiss’ garden roses and white lisianthus. This is a super easy bouquet to create.

I used 24 roses and 12 lisianthus.

I created this simple bouquet in about 6 minutes. For someone new to floral design, it would probably take about 15 to 20 minutes plus the time to wrap the stems with tape. And more time for wrapping with ribbon to make it a bride’s bouquet.

FullSizeRender (3)

I’m holding all the stems in my hand. The next step would be to tape the stems together with waterproof floral tape.

TIP: Only use Oasis brand for the florist trade. Other brands found online, do not stick properly and unravel.

Next, trim the stems with clippers. Place the bouquet in a low vase and set on a table or desk or give as a hostess gift.

For a wedding bouquet, wrap with ribbon and stud with pins.

Don’t forget to spray with Crowning Glory!

For a DIY bride, this is a basic design and a possibility.


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