Kitchen Casement Window Installed!

Finally, today, the kitchen casement window was installed. All of the new Andersen windows were installed back in October but this was the only one that sat for the last six months in a box.


I took this photo this morning standing in the kitchen. John sliced through the Tyvek which covered the window opening.


It didn’t take long to install the casement window (Andersen 400 series) which has a fantastic view of the entire backyard. The farmhouse sink will be installed beneath the window.


A drip edge cap will go above the window.

4 thoughts on “Kitchen Casement Window Installed!

    1. I wanted a casement window over the kitchen sink for the great view of the entire backyard and also a casement for easy opening. Small plants in a garden window would block my view of the backyard. A garden window would have been a good idea in the mudroom which is also at the back of the house overlooking the patio, but I wasn’t even thinking about a garden window during the stressful window ordering phase.

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