Last Piece of Trim Installed

We finally got the last piece of trim installed above the two double hung windows today. It’s a 1x8x16 facia board. Now John can install a gutter on it.

Once up on the ladders, it was a 5-minute job to install the board but John needed a second person to help him with it. A friend stopped by today and they got it done.

Remember when I blogged about the zinnia seeds sent to me in March from Johnny’s Selected Seeds?  I took these two photos today of the White Giant Dahlia Zinnias blooming in my garden.

(Martha Stewart blogged about Johnny’s Seeds earlier this month. Click here to read it.)

The white really pops among all the green in the garden. Now that I have a greenhouse, I’ll start the seeds early next year so that I have a longer blooming season. I planted these seeds right in the ground in early May and they started blooming last week. They’ll bloom until early October.


5 thoughts on “Last Piece of Trim Installed

  1. Yay John ! Some of us have been rooting for this, for a while !!! Outstanding ! Now for the front porch……..

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