Laying Block for the Foundation at Brick House 319

Ron, the mason, brought over his first truck load of block yesterday. Today, he brought a second load, and then John and I went to the concrete/paver business and bought 55 concrete blocks and 28 concrete solid caps. (The weight of the block was 1375 lbs.)

The fork lift driver wrapped the block and caps in shrink wrap and loaded it into the back of the truck. When we returned to the house, John stacked the blocks close to the footing so Ron, when he’s standing in the trench, can easily grab them when he builds the foundation.



Each concrete block weighs approximately 25 lbs. It’s always a good idea to stack them conveniently around the site to avoid excessive carrying. It’s also a good idea to keep them covered so they remain dry and dust-free.

On Saturday, Ron will begin laying the block. He also dropped off his concrete mixer today.





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