Laying Perforated Pipes for a French Drain

Starting on the west block wall in the bonus room (underneath the windows), John jack hammered to the footing, and dug 6″ adjacent to the footing, where he put the 4″ perforated pipe in the trench. The tape measure is pointed to where the 4″ pipe will go through the block wall and connect to the French drain below in the basement.



John will drill a hole through the block below and the 4″ pipe will connect to the right angle in the basement.


For right now, if you can, ignore the garish, dirty, yellow walls. After the waterproofing is complete and the paralams are installed, the basement will be painted and the floor will either be polished concrete or tiled. At this stage, we’re still undecided about the floor.


The lower basement perforated pipe will connect to the right angle (in the above photo) with a vertical non perforated 2″ pipe (pipe is on basement west side wall).


Basement east side wall where the sump pump is located…

Andy, from Waterproofing One (HomeAdvisor), will be coming to the house on Friday for the second consultation and to drop off the 3/4 stone. He’ll look at John’s work to date and guide him on what needs to be done next.

Stay tuned…





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