Looking to Buy a House?

This morning, I found the following CNBC article about knocking on doors when looking for a house to buy.

In the article, a couple contacted a homeowner in the same way we contacted the previous owner of Brick House 319. The husband, a contractor, and his wife, tracked down the owner, and sent a letter.

In the article, a Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey broker and owner of Re/Max Trading Places, Christine Parente, suggests, “Mail them a little note” which is what John did when we tracked down, “Bill,” the owner of Brick House 319.

For those of you who have been following the blog from the beginning, John grew up in a house less that two miles from Brick House 319. The high school he attended, is right down the road from this house; it’s actually within walking distance. John didn’t write a note, he wrote a 2-page letter, and included stories about growing up here.

When “Bill” called John the first time, he said, “I like your penmanship.” Followed by, “Not many people handwrite letters anymore.”

The CNBC article was published in April 2013. The following paragraph (block quoted) is taken from the article:

Last year, 20 percent of those who sold their homes without using a real estate agent said they did so because a prospective buyer had contacted them, according to a National Association of Realtors survey of 8,500 people. That is up from 15 percent in 2010.

And here’s a SFGATE article (published in April, 2015) about investors and developers who have interest in buying hoarders’ homes.

6 thoughts on “Looking to Buy a House?

  1. Hi Sue,

    An interesting uptake on difficult properties. My limits are no homes where murder or suicides occurred or a sale due to divorce. Yet, iffy on the hoarder issue due to pest infestation or rodents which are rather a turn off.

  2. Interesting. This past March 30th I was conversing with the owner of the rental next to my house. She was putting on a new roof (hail) and having some issues with the contractors. I was listening and laughingly said that what she needed to do was buy my house (new roof already installed—hail). Instead of laughing as I expected, she asked “how much?”. I had been considering selling in a year or two but, this caught me off guard for sure !!!

    A friend of hers bought the house and I now live in an apartment closer to my daughters !! We did not use an agent and the closing was a bit of a hassle (I had bought and sold 12 houses prior to this) ; however, all ended well and I made a little money and no longer have to worry about trimming trees, roofs, HVAC , lawn care, etc. Am 70 now and find I am less willing to deal with such issues (I live alone).

    You just never know !!!

    As you already know, I love your blog ! And your flower arrangements are wonderful !!

  3. I found a buyer for our last house on a local buy/sell/trade facebook page. It worked out really well, she had bought and sold several houses before and was very comfortable with the process. We were able to buy a much larger home just in time because we found out we were having twins the day before we moved! I also gained a friend in our buyer, she’s great!

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