Mad Mats: Rugs Made Out of Recycled Milk Jugs for Outdoor Space


I can’t wait for the arrival of spring, and my patio is finished, because I can then get one of these worry-free, weather-proof outdoor rugs by Mad Mats. It’s amazing how these rugs fool the eye; each time I see one I think it’s an indoor rug until I actually get up close and touch it. They’re so colorful and pretty, yet at the same time, affordable, durable and practical.


     Daisy Rug is available in three colors: violet, rust & aqua/green

Since Mad Mats are produced by hand, no to rugs are exactly alike. One hundred percent of the rugs are made from recycled plastic milk jugs, water bottles and soda bottles.

Pogomolly 1 copy

Waterproof Mad Mats  are soft-on-the-feet; there’s no need to worry about bringing the rugs indoors when rain is in the forecast. And don’t be concerned about the sun beating down on them in the summer, state-of-the-art colorants and UV protectors ensure that the rugs are fade-proof too.

Wrought Iron web

Mad Mat’s line of classic, whimsical and modern rugs are ideal for enclosed porches, verandas, poolside, balconies, patios, mudrooms and even kitchens, laundry rooms and basements.  They’re easy and quick to clean using dish soap or garden-friendly soap and a hose. Rugs are available in three sizes: 4×6 ($55), 5×8 ($96) and 6×9 ($125)

Now, I just have to decide on which one to choose for the patio!



8 thoughts on “Mad Mats: Rugs Made Out of Recycled Milk Jugs for Outdoor Space

  1. Those are very reasonably prices for their sizes.

    Are you going to get some Adirondack chairs and paint them that stunning blue like in the picture? Or maybe a Caribbean teal like the ocean?

  2. I have these in our bathrooms….don’t mildew and much less slippery than the lino and many cheerful designs. Love them.

    1. What a great idea. Hadn’t thought of the bathroom. Will have to check them out and see if one will fit mine.

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