MAIN LINE TODAY Magazine Voted Brick House 319 Best DIY Blog!

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It’s true…hard work pays off. My blog is now over two years old and I still look forward to writing each post. Whether it’s a long post or a short and sweet post, I often have my blog on my mind. And so does John. He’s always saying, “You should put that on your blog.”

I don’t verbally advertise my blog to anyone. I’m not one to mention or boast about having a blog about our home. When I’m at work, where I have access to tons of people and where I could easily tell lots of co-workers about my blog, I don’t. In all the time I’ve had my blog, I have told only three co-workers. Sometimes I dream about having a Type A personality, going to work and telling hundreds of people about my blog and acquiring more subscribers. But I’ll never do it.

So this brings me to mentioning that it’s extra nice when someone has found Brick House 319 and likes it, likes it enough to mention it in a magazine.

About a month ago, I received an email from someone at Main Line Today Magazine, a regional magazine about the Main Line of Philadelphia where Brick House 319 is located. The email gave me a head’s up about the annual “Best of the Main Line” issue due out on newsstands on June 27th– Brick House 319 is among the 300 winners mentioned under Best DIY Blog.

Whoever works at the magazine and chose to include my blog, thank you. I appreciate it.

I’m looking forward to reading the July issue when it comes out in four days.

18 thoughts on “MAIN LINE TODAY Magazine Voted Brick House 319 Best DIY Blog!

  1. Congratulations, Sue. May I ask for a new “cover” shot? I know the greenhouse is in and operational, and there is probably some more green in your back garden.

  2. Well done !!! I look forward to every entry. BTW, what about painting this small room a very pale, silvery blue ?

  3. Well deserved honor, Sue! You and John have allowed us all in your home as it takes shape. I know I look forward to each new post or development! So, congratulations on the recognition; how exciting!

  4. Congratulations! So well deserved. If you and John needed a boost (which I seriously doubt) you can refer to the article!

  5. Congratulations Sue!

    I’ve been a blogger for a decade and at the onset wrote a new blog daily and after a year found it required to much of my time and now I do it at will when I’m motivated.

    Your blog is in my Top 5 for sure. I like both the content and the photos as it offers a sense that “we’re” there with you.

    However, key is that regardless of the problems that developed along the way you seemed to go with the flow, work them out and moved on as though they never existed, so good for you on that matter.

    Please share my thanks and well wishes with John. He’s the kind of husband I think some women might pay money to acquire. I cannot believe how hard he works and he seems able to just flow through as though nothing could ever bother him.

    Wishes you success to the finish line.

  6. Congratulations . I just happen to come across your page on Facebook
    I have been following your story from the start .. I look forward to each post. I have saved all of them on my computer

  7. Congratulations ! Well deserved recognition of your interesting and compelling story-telling. Thanks for taking us along for the ride ! All the best.

  8. Now the everlasting phase of construction; trim, flooring, doors, hooking up plumbing and electrical. It will seem like forever. Have fun and congrats on the winning the “best Blogger” thingy.

  9. I get the blog updates in the digest so I am a little late to this particular party! I’ve been following since the beginning and enjoy reading your posts so much. The planning and organization that you and John have undertaken and then executed is pretty breathtaking. In the time since you’ve begun the blog we’ve re-modeled our kitchen and bath, both small, so I very much appreciate the enormity of your work in taking on a whole house, inside and out. I offer my sincerest congratulations on your blog award and making such incredible progress on your home. Also, I must say how much I love your travel photos and comments/advice. Please keep up the great work you and John do and thank you for sharing it with us.

  10. Congratulations! I’m sure many of us read your blog regularly (even though we don’t often comment) — and it continues to be very interesting! Thanks again for putting all the work in on it, and being so creative in the wide array of subjects you mention!

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