Messy Job: Waterproofing the Foundation on Exterior Walls

On Monday, John purchased a 5-gallon container of sealant to waterproof the foundation walls. He applied one thick coat of the black tar-like coating using a 3/4″ long nap roller meant for rough masonry surfaces.


Once the trench around the foundation is back filled, the black tar will be covered. The mason will then come back and parge above the sealant to the top of the foundation. John will then paint the foundation with gray masonry paint.


Unfortunately, the store didn’t have gallon containers so John had to buy a 5-gallon container. We now have half of a container left.

Applying the tar is a messy job. The tar got all over John’s arms. In order to get it off, he had to use a scrubby side of a sponge; it ripped some of the hair off his arms.

If you use this type of waterproofing product, wear gloves, cover your arms and wear old clothes. And only buy the amount of tar you will use.

TIP: To get the waterproofing tar off your skin, a follower sent a tip; apply a thin layer of baby oil first and then slather it on afterwards–the tar will easily come off.

Thanks for the tip!


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