Mosaic Tile Floors at the Wynn in Las Vegas

I worked a trip to Vegas over the weekend where I walked for miles on Saturday.

I ventured over to the Wynn and entered the lobby, where beneath my feet, colorful and whimsical mosaic tile floors led me through the atrium and to a magical merry-go-round created with faux flowers (I posted a video on Instagram).


Someone told me that high heels/spike heels cause damage to the mosaic tiles. A Wynn staff member regularly fixes any loose mosaics so the floors always remain in tip top shape.


With all my walking, I’m a bit more practical with wearing Skechers.


The Wynn provides tons of photo ops in the enchanting lobby/atrium.


After walking 7.3 miles, the Wynn was a great escape from crowded Las Vegas Blvd. Easter weekend combined with spring break and gorgeous weather made it an extra busy weekend in Vegas.


I found all the mosaic tile floors inspiring and so pretty with bright and bold colors.

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