Must-have OLFA Utility Knives!


John keeps a lot of small tools in his Carhartt side pockets; one of the tools that he especially likes is the OLFA knife.

The OLFA does all the normal utility knife functions but has a substantial handle which sets it apart from other utility knives. The infinite blade adjustment is a great feature; just slide the carbon steel tool blade to the desired length and lock it in place.

Saves Money: The .7mm carbon tool steel blade (thicker than conventional blade) is engineered using a multi-step honing process for superior sharpness and edge retention, which results in saving money, because blades last longer.


OLFA knives cut through carpeting, rubber, drywall, insulation board, rope, linoleum, roofing, among a myriad of other things.


John said: It’s ergonomic design and infinite blade adjustment puts it head and shoulders above any conventional utility knife.


Because the OLFA knife is longer than most other utility knives, it protrudes out of John’s side pocket allowing him to effortlessly grab it. Other knives sink down in his pocket and he has to dig for them.

From s safety prospective, it’s a no-brainer. The rotating locking mechanism moves easily and locks in two turns. The OLFA knife is more versatile and simply does more things than a conventional utility knife.

-Premium carbon tool steel blade for superior sharpness

-Heavy-gauge stainless steel blade channel secures blade

-Slip-resistant rubber inset

-Ratched-wheel lock for maximum blade security

Made in Japan



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