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For the record, I don’t write sponsored blog posts.

Sponsored blog posts are paid posts written by a blogger. A company will pay a blogger to write about a product. Additionally, a company will write a blog post and pay the blogger to publish it on their blog. The blogger has to state that it’s a sponsored post. Personally, I don’t like sponsored posts and I don’t read blogs that publish sponsored posts. A sponsored post is nothing more than a paid advertisement.

I have been offered to write several sponsored posts and I declined each one.

I do write about products that I buy or that are given to me. If they’re given to me I always include that fact in my blog post. I’ll say that the product was sent to me for review or that I partnered with the company and they sent me a product. It’s all on the up and up.

Sometimes I’ll write about a product because I love it and I bought it. For instance, Dansko clogs or LL Bean Boat Tote Bags; I have bought several pair of Dansko clogs through the years and countless tote bags. In fact, too many to count. So I’ll write about it, include a link to the product. I’m getting nothing monetary out of it. I’m just blogging to blog, like a hobby.

I receive some products that I don’t approve of for whatever reason, and therefore, I simply won’t write about the product. I’m under no obligation to write about a product because it was sent to me for review.

And Google AdSense pays very little each month. The ads that you see on my blog are Google AdSense. Some of you have ad blockers and don’t see them at all. On average, my monthly Google AdSense money will cover a purchased cup of coffee every day of the month. However, I rarely buy coffee out. I actually use the Google AdSense earnings for tolls on the turnpike. It covers some of it, not all of it. Very few people make money at blogging. You practically need celebrity status to make money at blogging.

So for anyone out there assuming otherwise, these are the facts concerning my blog.

I will simply trash any nasty comments. If you don’t like what I write, and feathers are ruffled because of a couple of stories concerning real estate agents, don’t read my blog.

Life isn’t a bowl of cherries. Sometimes I feel like writing whatever I feel like writing. It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want with it.






21 thoughts on “My Blog Posts

  1. It’s your blog.

    Write whatever you want.

    And delete whatever comments you want.

    You are under no obligation to abide by someone else’s arbitrary rules. It’s your blog and you make the rules and you can break them too.

  2. You should get in touch with Jon Katz, who has done a wonderful job of getting paid subscribers to his blog. He always seems willing to help people, and encourages people who write, to blog. His blog is Bedlam Farm Journal. He has built a real community through his blog and FaceBook page.

  3. it is pretty sad that you have to defend or explain what you write on your blog (emphasis on YOUR). I don’t often comment but I do read every post. You have been clear about products and your opinions. I also like hearing the real estate stories. As with any profession, there are great agents and not so great agents.

    1. Hey Sue,
      Fugeddaboudit ! You write what you wanna write ! I, for one ,enjoy and appreciate your inviting us to journey along with you. I may not read every flower one, but one size does not fit all, right ? It makes my day when I open my e-mail, and see a “Brickhouse 319” ! It’s a treat, I never know what direction you might go !
      I think any reasonable person can see you are not hawking anything, but talking about what you like. Chin up, and keep up the good work !
      (BTW, I can’t believe John is going to tape & spackle all that sq. footage by himself ! That’s a lot of work for one man. I guess he’ll be pretty good at it, by the time you’re done ! You have a lot of butts to deal with, and odd angles. The boards are pretty tight, so that’s good. Remember to keep the light source close to the wall, to help with flatness. You could always call the Carpenter’s Hall, and see if any Tapers are looking for day work.) Good luck .

      1. Hi Mark,

        Thanks for making my day! I’ll tell John to call the Carpenter’s Hall. It would be nice if he could get someone to help with the job.

  4. Like Deirdre, I always read but don’t usually comment. You are entitled to write how you feel, without reprimand from a disgruntled reader. If you hit a nerve with a post, good for you! That simply means it was a topic that needed to be addressed.

    1. So true! A topic that needs to be addressed… Sometimes it gets a little boring writing blog posts without telling a little story. I would like to mix it up a bit, add stories, but as you said, it hits a nerve in a few.

  5. Your blog, your opinions. If readers don’t like it, they can leave. You don’t need to explain yourself, or apologize for anything. I always enjoy reading your posts, and seeing the progress you and John are making on your amazing house!

  6. You Go Girl!

    Isn’t it interesting how rich folks are often admired, but an ordinary person who writes a blog for free and has ads that bring little benefit finds themselves being a target of ill will. It’s truly amazing and very puzzling as well.

    However, it’s not uncommon and it does make one wonder what the psychology is about folks who attack honest, hard working people? Perhaps slackers who remain unaccomplished and are in some way jealous?

    Keep writing. I love every blog!

  7. I enjoy your product reviews. You are honest about if they sent you the product or not and points out the positive and negative aspects of them. Keep up the good work!

  8. Sue,

    I love reading your blog exactly as it is. I find the product write-ups to be interesting and you make us aware that you only write about things you like and would use. Plus you tell us if it’s something provided to you or something you purchased yourself. There is no deception at all.

    I comment somewhat frequently when I’m intrigued by something you’ve written, especially if I have questions about something east coast related that my west coast background doesn’t understand (the pests you referenced in your elevated planter for example) – or if I have a suggestion (I still think you should put in a balcony railing like the one in the play Evita).

    I think the thing I like most about your blog is watching you and John take this journey from the beginning when it was filled with “Bill’s” stuff. It’s been a fascinating story. Please keep it up and don’t let the haters get to you.

    BTW – I’m still curious as to the languages you speak besides English. If you’re flying international routes I figure you’ve got to be able to speak conversationally at least in one or two additional languages. I’m envious of people who can speak multiple languages – I tried Spanish as a kid, but had a helluva time speaking in anything but present tense.

  9. I have followed your blog from the beginning. I am inspired by the your willingness to work REALLY hard to accomplish your vision. I like your candor. Your opinions, good and bad, are interesting to read.

    It can be a risk to put yourself in the public eye. But I find it entertaining, inspiring and informative. Keep at it!!!

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