My Bluehost Shared Server Crashed Today

For those of you making an attempt to access my blog today, it wasn’t possible due to the shared server crashing.

This morning, when I was trying to approve comments, I couldn’t access Brick House 319–which resulted in another slight meltdown. Actually, John had more of a meltdown than I did.

The server must have crashed before 5am. I assumed this based on the 25 cents that was in my Google AdSense account. So at noon I tried calling Bluehost; the wait time was one hour to speak to someone. I don’t have one hour to “wait” on hold (who does), so instead, I waited 27 minutes to do an online “chat” with technical assistance.

After about ten minutes of investigating, the tech rep said that there were server issues, Bluehost was already aware of the situation, and they were in the process of “fixing” it. Hmmmmmm

After I finished with the online chat, my blog was back up on the net in about an hour. If I hadn’t contacted Bluehost, my blog would probably still be down, which is not a good thing.

This proves a private server is a safer route to take; when my blog spikes, it won’t crash!


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