My Favorite Bulb: Cree LED Soft White 60W has a Long Life

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Well over a year ago, I received a Cree® LED 60W Soft White bulb to review. I’m just now finally sitting down to write about it.  I actually prefer writing a review about a product long after I have received it. I can write an honest review after using the product for a number of months, or in this case, over a year of product usage.

I like the Cree LED bulb over other LED bulbs because it actually looks like a traditional incandescent bulb. To actually have an LED bulb that mimics incandescent bulb design is appealing to me.

Of course, the best thing about the Cree bulb is that it’s still going strong after 14 months of usage. We have been using the LED bulb every single day, for hours on end, and it’s still going strong (since December 2014). I’m now starting to wonder when it will actually burn out. Obviously it’s cost effective to purchase a pack of six for $34.99, which is only about $5.83 per bulb. To purchase, click here.

A few facts about the Cree LED: It’s ENERGY STAR® qualified for superior LED performance. It delivers true omnidirectional, all-around light, is fully dimmable with no buzz or hum, and lasts up to 6x longer than cheaper LED lookalike bulbs (30,000 hour / 27.4 year rated lifetime).

The new Cree LED bulb features higher CRI light for better colors and it is suitable for use in enclosed fixtures—so you can experience beautiful light and colors anywhere in your home. It has a 5-year, 100% performance satisfaction guarantee.




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4 thoughts on “My Favorite Bulb: Cree LED Soft White 60W has a Long Life

  1. The 3000k led bulbs are a little whiter than the tungsten bulbs. It is a light that I really like. I have replaced almost all the bulbs in my house, especially the ones that are on a lot. They save that much electricity.
    I bought a bunch of the 40 watt equivalent and 60 watt equiv. The $2 bulbs on sale are good value if they are rated 10,000 hours. ( half the bulbs will still be putting out 80% of the rated output at the number of hours.)
    The tech. is getting better so fast that when a 10,000 bulb needs replacement, you will buy a better bulb for less money.
    These bulbs need to run cool. They do not like enclosed fixtures. They need airflow.
    Sorry that I can’t make you rich.

  2. I’ve got the old fashioned curly ones but only use them in places where you can’t see them.

    This is much nicer.

    And if it also lasts longer then it’s worth the expense.

    Have you set up a place on amazon where you get credit if people buy using your link? You really need to do that.

    1. Yes, I have an affiliate account with Amazon. If I embed an Amazon affiliate link in a blog post, I disclose it at the bottom of the post. Amazon pays a small commission of 4% on each sale.

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