My Favorite Garden/Work Gloves: MADGRIP

Without a doubt, my favorite gardening/work gloves are MADGRIP. They’re known for their seamless grip injected palm.


I’m wearing PRO PALM GARDENING GLOVE/FORMULA 50 in size S-M ($10.99). They fit perfectly, and due to the seamless construction and breathable knit back, they’re very comfortable.

So many garden gloves that I have had in the past are too big and the glove fingers are too loose. MADGRIP literally fits the way gloves are supposed to fit–like a glove. Because of the excellent fit, the gloves don’t impede me when working with delicate plants.


MADGRIP is 10X more durable than latex gloves. The Palm content is 100% thermoplastic rubber with a pre-curved design and contoured to the natural skin creases of the hand. When I’m using a rake, my hands remain blister-free and protected.


In this photo, I’m wearing MADGRIP PRO-PALM KNUCKLER GLOVE/Formula 100 in size S-M ($11.99 or $8.99 on Amazon). My knuckles are protected with the thermoplastic rubber. The gloves conform to my hands and there isn’t bunching. I wore this pair while helping John lift 12′ drywall panels upstairs with tight corners; I never dropped one.


The knit cuff is snug, yet comfortable. When I’m gardening, dirt doesn’t get under the cuff.


I love the grip. Whatever I pick up, I feel like my hands are glued to the object. Over the weekend, I tested MADGRIP while loading logs into the pick-up truck and then stacking in the woodpile. The gloves had an excellent grip; not one log slipped out of my hand.


MADGRIP is UNISEX and available in a variety of colors and sizes: XS, S-M, L-XL and XXL The gloves are machine washable. Hang Dry or lay flat to dry.

MADGRIP is based in Essex Junction, VT. The gloves are made in Taiwan.


MADGRIP gloves were provided to me for review. I’m not obligated to write a product review. However, I write a review if I personally approve of the product. I would buy this product myself.



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  1. These gloves are excellent for working in the floral shop as well. I always wore them when cleaning stock: especially stripping roses of their thorns.

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