New Front Stoop & Steps-Flagstone & Old Brick

It was back in early June when John dug the footing 3 feet down for the new front stoop (click here). Our mason who did the foundation for the addition and who also raised the chimney was booked solid all summer and into the fall. So before it got cold, another mason was recommended.

Nick Santoleri came over in October and looked at the job. I told him I wanted a flagstone stoop and steps leading down to the driveway. I also said that I wanted “old brick” for the side of the stoop so that it matched the old brick in the original part of the house. I showed him a photo that I found online and he said he would draw a sketch (click here).

In early November, the masons showed up to start the 2-week job. Nick handed us the sketch and the work began.

We were pretty impressed with the sketch.

The masons started right away with laying the block. They were happy that John had already done the footing. In order to save a little money, John bought the block in June where it sat stacked for five months at the front stoop. 

While the masons worked on the stoop, John continued with finishing the siding to their right.

On the first day, three masons showed up to start the job, Irving, Jimmy and Angel who have worked for Nick for decades.

Remember when John bought the two HB&G Permacast columns at Home Depot in May? He discussed with Nick how to install them on the front porch after the completion of the stoop. Nick said that his masons would help John install them. It was definitely not a one-man job!

Recommended Mason: Nick Santoleri in Wayne, PA PH: (215) 850-5616

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8 thoughts on “New Front Stoop & Steps-Flagstone & Old Brick

  1. So good to be able to get back to watching your home unfold, along with the planning and assistance that seems to come just when needed. Your info & hints are always an education..glad you’re back..!!

  2. I have four of those columns holding up my pergola in my back yard. Only I did it in 2005 and I had to order them directly from the company in Georgia. They were delivered to my alley and stored in my garage until my guys figured out how to install them and build a pergola on top.

    It was worth it. They look great.

    I hope you agree after yours are in.

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