One Million Hits on Brick House 319 in 7 Months

It’s been seven months since I launched my blog. Of course, the time flew by. I never thought my blog would have longevity but I guess I got lucky with people interested in the story behind Brick House 319.

As of today, I have had one million unique visitors. And I have 3500 followers who have stayed with me since day one. Thanks for following and for all of your comments loaded with tips as well as emails. I read all of them and try to respond to each one. However, it might take me awhile since it’s a busy time (as always) with the house.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to make my blog bigger and better, but for right now, I’ll continue to write about and photograph Brick House 319’s renovation progress along with a variety of other things.

Now that winter is right around the corner, the focus will be all about finishing the interior.

And decorating!







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