One Year Ago Today: Before & After Photos

One year ago today, John installed high hats in the new (addition) master bedroom wing. In this photo he’s installing one in the hallway.

The high hat to the right is at the entrance to the walk-in closet and master bath.

  1. imageHere’s the hallway today after electrical, HVAC (heating & cooling duct work) insulation, drywall and spackling–it’s now ready to be painted.
  2. imageWe covered the HVAC feed on the floor with a green furnace filter to prevent debris from falling down the duct. We did this throughout the house. I think it’s the most inexpensive way to temporarily cover ducts while doing renovation work. Just cut them to size.
  3. imageEach high hat (can) is about $20 each at Home Depot. John installed about 70 throughout the house for a total of $1400.00.
  4. imageInstalling a high hat to the left of the French doors in the master bedroom.
  5. imageHow it looks today! There’s the high hat on the left that John was installing in the previous photo.

I’m thinking about painting the master bedroom a light shade of blue. But first the kitchen needs to be painted.


4 thoughts on “One Year Ago Today: Before & After Photos

  1. Do you have a target date for completion? Your inspections are pretty much done now, right? So you’re still looking at putting down flooring, painting, window treatments, cabinets/countertops/backsplashes and fixtures in kitchen and baths, interior doors hung, some light fixtures and then moving furniture in (I think that covers it all).

    I know it’s still a helluva lot of work, but you’re actually getting pretty close to being done………right? I’ve got to think you’re getting excited!

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