Panasonic Whisper Warm Master Bathroom Fan/Light/Heat/Night Light

Months ago, when I was researching bathroom fans, a few blog followers commented and said that I should definitely invest in Panasonic fans for the three bathrooms and water closet. I asked our plumber about bathroom fans and he said that when a client needs a new bathroom fan, he always buys Panasonic. Needless to say, I was sold on Panasonic!

The criteria to consider when choosing a bathroom fan is: size, loudness, style, and features. The two most important features are sizing the fan properly and how quiet the fan is.


For the master bathroom I wanted an extra special fan. As one blog follower said, “After gutting the house and doing a top to bottom renovation plus building an addition, you absolutely should have the luxury of a fan with a heater.” When stepping out of a warm shower, the bathroom will be nice and warm too.

I was convinced, so after doing research and communicating with Panasonic, I chose Panasonic Whisper Warm (FV-11VHL2) which is a combined fan/heater/light/night light. As I said in a previous post, I consider it the “Lexus” of bathroom fans. The fan is shown in the photo without the grille. After we drywall and paint, installing the grilles will be the final step and will be featured in a forthcoming post when the bathroom is finished.

John installed the square fan in the ceiling just outside the walk-in shower. (Approved fans for wet areas should be installed very close or over the shower or tub.) When stepping out of the shower, the fan is just above.

The fan has super quiet operation–if you’ve ever been in a bathroom, flicked the switch and heard a loud, obnoxious noise, it is due to the sones. Bathroom fan levels are measured in sones. A sone is a unit of loudness and measures how you sense loudness. The LOWER the sones, the quieter the fan. For a quiet fan, look for sones between 0.3 to 2.0 sones. The WhispweWarm has 0.7 sones; it’s so quiet, it’s hard to tell it’s on.

The 1400w stainless steel-sheathed heating element features Nichrome wire with magnesium oxide for optimal heat transfer, so on days that the furnace isn’t on, the bathroom will be toasty warm.

WhisperWarm’s high quality components is designed with a long life motor, so if you plan on staying in your house for a long time, and don’t want to replace the bathroom fan, this Panasonic fan has longevity justifying the price.

The FV-11VhL2 which is a fan/heater/light-night Light  and the WhisperWarm FV-11Vh2  is a fan/heater combination.

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