Part 2: Meadowbrook Farm Photo Tour

Where: Meadowbrook Farm

When: Sunday, July, 16, 2017

Click here for Part One

A double-rolled rim terra-cotta planter (click here, for a similar one).

This urn is to the left of the front door. Click here, for a similar one.

A path leading to the back of the house…

I really wanted to jump in the pool!

For a similar owl garden statue, click here.

For an identical greyhound garden statue, click here.

Looking at a sundial…

For a similar outdoor garden chair, click here.

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2 thoughts on “Part 2: Meadowbrook Farm Photo Tour

  1. I love terracotta. There were pots similar to that and giant urns in Italy when I went last year. I would have loved to buy a lot of the terracotta I saw but had no way to get it home. Shipping would have been prohibitive.

    Unfortunately I can’t source any local either. Everything around her that is terracotta is rather crude and mostly Mexican style. I really love English garden terracotta. I love the shelves and garden plaques. I have a few terracotta toad homes too. But no toads. Not in this area.

    I have quite a bit of garden art in my very small garden. I’ve made several “rooms” and have decorated each with different art pieces as you walk along the path. Some glazed ceramic, some terra cotta, some natural concrete, a few metal pieces and some stone.

    Even though I have ground I still have many decorative pots. A few cast concrete urns and a lot of glazed blue ceramic.

    I love lush gardens. Paving stones, water features, pergolas, statues. When I travel, I always visit some gardens if I can.

    I think my prized garden feature is a reproduction of one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s garden nymphs on a pedestal.

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