Photo Tour: Harriton House

What: Harriton House

Where: Bryn Mawr, PA

When: August 1, 2017

This structure was a 19th century stone dairy barn

Harriton was built in 1704 by a Welsh Quaker, Rowland Ellis. He called his 700-acre estate “Bryn Mawr” which means “High Hill” in Welsh. However, he had about 15 acres under cultivation which is about the size of the property today.

The 3-story house is an example of early Pennsylvania architecture.

The House is open Wednesday – Saturday. House tours are by appointment only.

In 1719, the property was sold to Richard Harrison, a tobacco planter from Maryland. Harrison changed the name to “Harriton.” He introduced tobacco culture to the estate where it was grown until the 1740s.

After Harrison died, Harrison’s daughter and son-in-law, Charles Thompson, lived in the house. Thompson is most famous for his role as the first and only Secretary to the Continental Congress. He also designed the Great Seal of the United States (turn over a dollar bill and you’ll see the seal).

It was Thompson who notified George Washington that he had been elected first President of the United States.

The property is open during daylight hours everyday.

For more information, visit Harriton’s website.






7 thoughts on “Photo Tour: Harriton House

  1. In the fall there is an Open House with food, crafts for kids, animal demonstrations, tag sale and more. A gem from another time in the middle of the suburbs.

  2. The house is nice but the barn is nicer. I really like what they’ve done to it to make it a living space. The walled in patio is also nice.

    Some pots, flowers, a few cows. What could be better?

  3. Oh, your photos along with the information are a delight…so very different than what we find in our California historical sites. Wonderful preservation, gardens, etc. Thanks Sue!

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