Picking Tomatoes

Last night, I picked a bucket full of Better Boy and Early Girl tomatoes from my garden as well as smaller tomatoes from the containers.

It’s recommended leaving tomatoes on the vine as long as possible. Pick them when they’re ripe and very red in color. It’s okay if there is yellow remaining around the stem.

Ripe fruit sinks in water.


8 thoughts on “Picking Tomatoes

  1. Too late for this year but if you are into heirloom tomatoes I suggest Cherokee purple. They aren’t very pretty to look at as most heirlooms but very meaty and sweet.

    It is BLT season in our house!

  2. Lovely! I just savored a San Marzano Roma tomato that I picked in my greenhouse with my salad today. I just close my eyes and savor every sweet yummy bite. They are so delicious, they taste almost sinful!

    Enjoy your bounty, Sue, but leave a couple for that hard working man! ;-D

  3. They look mouth-wateringly good!! Because it’s winter here a 6 pack of normal tomatoes is about NZD$8 so that’s close to USD $5. It’s ridiculously expensive right now!

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