Precarious: The Vaulted Ceiling

Yesterday, John & Joe started the 20′ vaulted ceiling drywall job in the living room. Thanks to having the borrowed scaffolding from our mason, the job was possible. Without it, we’d have to rent it.


After the first Sheetrock panel was installed, John & Joe cut the high hat holes. In this photo, the glue had already been applied to the roof rafters for the second panel. They’re working toward the pancake fixture (fan) at the center of the room.


I took this photo from the Master Bedroom balcony. Working this high up on the scaffolding is dangerous to say the least. Their feet are planted firmly and they’re not too close to the edge. It was like circus work! I’ll admit I briefly flipped my lid at the beginning of the job. We all corrected a few things about the scaffolding platform, making it as sturdy and safe as possible.


Three heavy pressure-treated boards supported the platform. I got a few gray hairs just looking at this scene.


We cracked a joke…it was political and racy!


Almost finished drilling the center panel.


After working on the west side, they moved to the east side. It wasn’t fun seeing how they lifted the 12′ Sheetrock panel up both ladders and onto the scaffolding. I’ll be super happy when this part of the job is over.


Getting there…this took hours due to the precarious nature of the job.


16 thoughts on “Precarious: The Vaulted Ceiling

      1. Yes! I assume we are on the same side, so I will hopefully enjoy it. We all need a joke these days (or until November 8th – ugh that’s a long time for this election to drag on)

        1. Yes, exactly…we’ll definitely use LED lights. When Joe walked out the door last night, he said “You’ll have to change the light bulbs!” And I said, “Not too often because we’ll be using LED bulbs.

  1. Never mind changing the light bulbs.

    Use a great quality paint and do an extra good job so that you don’t have to repaint that ceiling for 20 years or more.

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