Prepping for the “Bunker” Demo at Brick House 319

IMGP3337The day finally arrived to demolish the “bunker!” I had been hounding John for the last month about when we would get the approved permit for the demo. There was a bit of a delay due to the storm water management that the township requires. John was going to build a seepage pit, but then, just a week ago, the township said that the storm water management wasn’t required anymore for construction projects under a certain size. On Monday, John received a call from the township stating that the permit was approved and he could pick it up on Tuesday morning. He was there first thing in the morning.

IMGP3339After getting the permit, John shut the power off to the house. He then disconnected ten live electrical lines leading into the addition from the 200amp service (located on the inside wall to the left of the door). Once the lines were disconnected from the service, John cut them and pulled them back inside to discard. Then the power was turned back on.

IMGP3340The bunker was prepped and ready.

IMGP3342I took the LAST interior photos. This is the original back door that exited outside before Bill built the addition in 1992. Once the bunker is torn down, the exposed back door will exit to the walled-in patio.

IMGP3344When entering through the back door, the room on the left will be the laundry room, the garage is to the right and straight ahead is a bonus room which has stairs leading down to the basement. The bonus room will be used for my home-based business.

IMGP3346The side entrance to the bunker will be one of two entrances to the patio. It’s two steps down to enter so it will be a little bit of a sunken walled-in patio.

IMGP3347This is it! It’s now Tuesday afternoon and John is ready to start demolishing this hideous eyesore. We’ve been chomping at the bit for this moment to arrive.

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