Prince Albert of Monaco Purchased His Mother’s Childhood Home in Philadelphia

Last winter, I drove over to Grace Kelly’s home, took photos and blogged about it.


Grace Kelly grew up in the stately brick home built by her father, John B. Kelly, in 1929. It’s located in the East Falls section of Philadelphia, near Germantown.


In June, the six-bedroom colonial brick home, located at 3901 Henry Avenue, went on the market for one million dollars. It was reportedly sold on September 28, 2016 for $775,000.

The buyer is Prince Albert of Monaco, Princess Grace’s son. It had been the Kelly home until 1974, when it was first put on the market. It sold and flipped within days.


In 2013, the most recent owner, who bought the home from the flipper in 1974, had been living in “unsanitary” conditions . It was discovered that she had been hoarding cats.


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Prince Albert told People Magazine:

It feels good. I’m very happy to have saved this old family home from a near certain death or development.

We’re still trying to figure out what we’re going to do with it. We’re looking at having it contain some museum exhibit space and maybe use part of it for offices for some of our foundation work.

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3 thoughts on “Prince Albert of Monaco Purchased His Mother’s Childhood Home in Philadelphia

  1. I’m glad he bought it. He’ll lovingly restore it. It will make a wonderful museum with offices. It will also ensure that it will never be razed, renovated beyond recognition or destroyed through neglect.

    Hoarding is one thing but when it’s something alive like cats and dogs, that is something totally different. Pee, poop, and all sorts of really unhealthy stuff. Hoarding magazines or electronics as bad as it is is at least a cleaner than animals.

    I hope they get it fixed up and open to the public soon.

  2. Thanks for detailing your adventure! I stumbled upon your blog while reading about hoarders (actually started with me reading about Marie Kondo, then wanting to discover about people who are the direct opposite). You and John are absolutely inspiring and truly hardworking! Coming from Singapore, I have learnt much about home building from your accounts. Thanks for allowing me a look into the anatomy of a house. All tge best moving forward and I look forward to seeing your completed abode!

    1. Thanks for reading my blog. We have visited Singapore and had a great time there–wonderful food, pink porpoises and unbelievable shopping.

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