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I didn’t have a garden hose. It’s one of those items that you sell at a yard sale before moving and I think that’s what we did when we moved almost three years ago. I needed a hose and The Pocket Hose  was sent to me for review.


Many of you may have seen The Pocket Hose commercial. Their tag line is “The Hose That Grows.” And it’s true. It grows when the water is turned on.

The accordion-like outer material magically grows under water pressure. When the water is turned off, it shrinks back.

When I receive a product to test, I like to use the product for a month or two before I can effectively write an honest review about my product experience.

I have been using The Pocket Hose for two months. Everything that the company claims on their website and commercial is true. That’s a good thing! Here’s a link to their website: Click Here! 

The four major features that I like most about The Pocket Hose are: 1) It’s lightweight 2) It DOESN’T KINK 3) It doesn’t coil up, twist and knot. 4) Since it shrinks, it’s easy to store and keep tidy.

I was sent the 25′ Pocket Hose which I use everyday. I keep it stored in the corner of the patio hanging on the outdoor faucet.

At 25 feet, it’s not long enough to reach my garden but no need to despair. The Pocket Hose is available in 50, 75 and 100 feet.


The only feature that I don’t like is how the brass nozzle sprays or streams water. The mist setting is not light enough to mist my plants and the stream setting isn’t a wide enough stream for washing the car (when I aim the skinny stream of water at my car, the water splatters on me). I can’t adjust it.

However, The Pocket Hose sells a nozzle/sprayer separately. It’s called the Mighty Blaster Nozzle for $9.99. I have not used it but I’m going to buy it.

I would purchase The Pocket Hose for myself. As a matter of fact, I think I’m going to purchase the 100′ hose to reach my garden and for washing my car.

The Pocket Hose also makes a great gift for homeowners and gardeners. Most people only have one garden hose but have 2 or 3 outdoor faucets, so getting an extra hose as a gift will definitely come in handy for just about anyone.







S&H-$7.99 for any size hose and spray nozzle.

Other than receiving The Pocket Hose for review which has a retail value of $19.99, I was NOT compensated for writing this product review. I’m also not obligated to write the review. I write reviews about products I like and would purchase myself. 


12 thoughts on “Product Review: THE POCKET HOSE

  1. I have two of them. The original green one and the heavy duty item like yours and I love them. I keep one regular hose attached to the faucet, then add the others as the need arises, ie: short distance I use one, long distance I use two.

    They suggest they should not be left out in the sun, so after each use I drain the water from the hose(s) and place them in my shed. They’re also high on the “like list” which is another good reason to put them away.

    Another good invention is the sprayer with the long handle so we don’t need to be so close to whatever we are watering.

  2. Definitely don’t leave it in the sun. Mine got a huge bubble and then burst. I strongly suspect the Alabama sunshine!

  3. I am so glad you reviewed this. I have seen the ads and wondered if it would be worth it. Now I know! Thanks!

  4. I had one of the green one’s I found you can’t leave the water turned on with the nozzle shut off as my hose blew a hole from the pressure. I hope the black hose is stronger.

  5. We have had several of these hoses. You’re right that they are everything they advertise. Very convenient since you don’t have to wrestle with them like a regular hose (which drives my husband crazy). BUT they do not last very long. The inner hose bursts after only a few months time (6 months or less). I don’t know if it is the sun that causes this to happen but it is very frustrating since they are so convenient. Having to disconnect and reconnect it each time would be a pain.

  6. Make sure you hang on to your receipt and packaging – and be careful when dragging it about. I have the competitor to this – the X-Hose, and I love it for all the same reasons. However, I do need to replace it every year because it develops a leak. Fortunately, it is almost always within warranty – but you do need proof of purchase.

  7. I considered one of these but decided against it for a few reasons.

    One is that you can’t repair it. I not only buy hose repair kits to get a longer life from my hoses but I’m also starting to cut the brass ends off of the hoses and replace them with plastic fittings as I’m tired of having them seize on hose bibs and nozzles or get bent out of true. Yes, I’m too lazy to undo and remove everything every time I’m done watering.

    The fact that it is kinkless is a huge deal if true. I have yet to find a kinkless hose.

    The drawback to me is having to replace it that often for that amount of money. I have drip irrigation in most of the yard so I don’t use a hose that often. I’d rather not have to spend that kind of money every year or two.

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