Quikrete Cement for Footing

Yesterday, the building inspector passed the footing inspection for the front porch, so this morning, John went to Home Depot and purchased 25 80lb bags of Quikrete concrete mix.

This afternoon, he’ll pour the cement into the footing.

The mason is loaning John a concrete mixer so he doesn’t have to hand mix each bag; this will make the job a little easier.






2 thoughts on “Quikrete Cement for Footing

  1. Oh, absolutely a cement mixer.

    Locally even a small concrete job is very pricey. Even for a yard or two of concrete you have to have both a cement truck and a pumping truck. The cement trucks are not allowed to pump the cement. Some weird local code. I’ve put off repairing a corner of my fence for that reason. A cement mixer on site would be better and more economical, but many don’t want to bother mixing cement. As a child I remember my Dad mixing cement many times for one project or another.

    I am very excited to see the work progressing on the porch and cannot wait to see the finished product.

    Then I suppose it’s on to the back yard and the back patio area. Oh, goody!

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