Renting a Bobcat: First Phase of Digging the Footing

John picked up the Bobcat rental at 2PM yesterday. By renting on a Saturday afternoon, he got an extra day for free (Sunday) before having to return it at 7AM on Monday morning.

The Bobcat rental is $353.00 per day which includes two buckets. A larger bucket is used for scraping the dirt and a smaller bucket is used for digging the footing.

Right off the bat, we saved money by renting over the weekend. If we had rented on a weekday we would have been charged twice the amount.

John picked up his friend, Jon, who he has known since elementary school and went all through high school with, and the two of them went to pick up the Bobcat.

By the way, we had gotten two quotes from contractors to dig the footing and both were between $1500 and $1700 without the concrete pour.

They arrived at Brick House 319 and drove up on the front lawn. The Bobcat was sitting on a nice, brand new, shiny trailer. It turns out that the man who owns the rental company went to high school with John but he hasn’t seen him since graduating in 1978.


Thankfully, there was just enough room between the tall Japanese maple tree and the house for the Bobcat and trailer. However, thinking about it afterwards, John could have taken the Bobcat off the trailer in the front yard and driven the Bobcat to the backyard.

Okay, it’s the first time he’s ever rented a Bobcat, and all three of us didn’t think of it.


The Bobcat made it through…


Looking good…


John has never driven a Bobcat before but after a little bit of trial and error, he got used to it quickly. It was fun to operate. He began scraping the dirt, picking buckets of it up and placing the dirt in a pile–away from tree roots.


John scraped the dirt until 7Pm…


He got the bucket within a few inches of the house pulling the dirt away…


Today, he’ll finish scraping the dirt, switch to the smaller bucket, and dig the footing.


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