Renting a Chipper to Demo a Brick & Block Wall for New Addition


After John did the demolition of the eastern gable (chimney side triangle), he rented a chipper (last Friday). After he got close to his target demolition, he switched to the chipper to accurately chip away each block and brick rather than using a 30lb sledge hammer that could cause structural damage to the wall below.


John is using the chipper on the gable to remove all masonry above where the mason has to cut a clean line. Afterwards, the mason will insert bolts to accept the pressure treated 2×8 plate. The eastern plate will be on the same plane as the existing southern plate, installed in 1954. As soon as the plate has been installed, the weight of the new second floor, roof rafters and roof will bear on this plate.


This photo is after John has chipped the gable off to the precise height that the mason needs in order to keep both plates on the same plane. The inside is easy to cut because it’s block and not brick, but on the exterior, the mason had to cut mid-brick and be very precise.

To the left of the window, John will cut an opening for a second double hung window to be installed.





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