Review: Gronomics Rustic Elevated Garden Bed

For the longest time, I have wanted a raised garden bed. Lowes sent me a GRONOMICS Rustic Elevated Garden Bed to review (24×48).

Two nights ago, John laid out the pieces in piles on a work table on the (construction site) patio.


The Western Red Cedar scent was wafting on the air. I walked by it several times and was blasted with the refreshing aromatic nature of cedar wood.


I noticed on the box that it said no tools required for assembly. I was expecting a screwdriver would be needed, but no, absolutely no tools are required.

I said to John, let’s see how long it will take for you to put this together. I had a feeling he would be finished before the chicken was finished grilling on the BBQ.


After we both organized the pieces the same exact way as the color instruction sheet (with photos), we assembled the posts and side rails. The rails are installed by sliding into dovetail slots in the 4×4 posts–very easy and fast!


John’s holding the instruction sheet; it was so great to receive a product that was effortless to assemble. GRONOMICS products are handcrafted in the Good Ol’ USA; the company is based in Bethel, MN.


This took about 8 minutes to assemble. I had just flipped the chicken on the BBQ.


John finished up with installing the second row of side rails.


Just slide down into the slots and pound with your hand a few times and in it goes.


Next, it was time to install the six 22″ x 5-1/2″ bottom boards in the bed. A black fabric liner is included for the bed to prevent potting soil from slipping through the drainage slats.


As the final step, John added the 4×4 post caps. Voila! I have a beautiful rot & insect resistant rustic elevated garden bed that is not only portable, but doesn’t require kneeling and saves my back. It’s also very sturdy.

It’s great to know certain cute little critters who visit my vegetable garden will have difficulty scaling this elevated bed.


Side view…


Other side view…the soil capacity is 5.4 Cubic Feet.


It took John less than 20 minutes to put together the super easy-to-assemble elevated garden bed.

This garden bed will make an ideal gift for anyone who wants an easily managed small vegetable or flower garden (think Father’s Day!). No bending or digging is required. It allows anyone to have a garden regardless of local soil conditions. It’s ideal for rooftop gardening city dwellers, for patios, decks, concrete surfaces, apartments and homes. Additionally, it would be great for a teacher who wants a small outdoor classroom garden.





15 thoughts on “Review: Gronomics Rustic Elevated Garden Bed

  1. My daughter has been looking for a raised bed garden. Thanks for the detailed information on the Gronomics Elevated Garden Bed, Sue. It looks perfect for her needs.
    p.s. Your home is beautiful!

  2. I have raised beds that hubby built with left over boards from a construction site. I just love them! I started with in-ground garden beds, but are they ever a pain to keep weeded. Weed blocker fabric is a must for any raised beds, or in-ground beds, too. It will save a lot of work.

    I can’t wait to see what you put in there! My mom has an old bed frame she scrounged up that she plants every year to look like a patchwork quilt. Pretty cute.

  3. I’m curious as to what kind of critters are most problematic for you? Are we talking snail/slugs/worms/spiders or are you having issues with wildlife?

      1. They’ll be able to get into that raised bed too. My Dad has a bed that high and the rabbits have no trouble jumping up. But you can easily put a screen across the top that should take care of them nicely.

        Not sure if chipmunks are anything like squirrels but you know squirrels. You can’t stop them, you can only slow them down.

  4. That is a great raised bench.

    But you do know that portable is a relative term. Once it’s filled with dirt it’s not portable.

    Have you considered installing swivel wheels on the bottom? Then it could be wheeled around the patio if needed.

    I could put 12 of those in the front instead of what I was planning to do. It would sure save my back.

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