Right Now…

I just snapped theses photos a minute ago…

The master bedroom sanded and prepped for priming…

Primed the ceiling first…

A minute ago…

Angled ceiling next…

We’ll be using Sherwin Williams paint on the walls.

10 thoughts on “Right Now…

  1. Ladder Acrobatics!! John’s skills are amazing! His perfection comes through in everything he does. I can smell the paint! I’ve been following you since you first peered through the bushes and every undeterred effort since. Still cheering you on!

      1. I would use Behr paint since it is the best rated paint by Consumer Reports magazine for the last 6 or 7 years now. I used Sherwin Williams once & absolutely hated it! I’ve never had an issue with any Behr paints over the years.

  2. You must be so, so excited. It is so close, but not there yet.

    There’s still the trim around the windows and the floor coverings. Little things like the plates on all of the outlets and switches which can’t be done before paint. Just the little things.

    I see you are going to have a hanging light in the master too. Have you decided on any sort of style?

    Is a ceiling fan needed in your area for the summer months?

  3. If love the shape of the master bedroom ceiling. Excited you are inching closer to colors and furniture and accessories, oh my!

  4. Wow your master bedroom is huge. I guess your excited that this is getting closer to the end?
    Lots of your followers can’t wait to see the finished project .
    Best wishes and,a happy new year to all.

  5. I’m so happy for both of you. I read in the news the other day a story about a couple who have been doing a flip-flop TV show that they’re getting a divorce and I thought of you two and how wonderfully you work together. Though it’s a matter of time; they were always under the gun which you haven’t experienced and I think with you fielding issues that have arisen and John working, you’ve got the right stuff for the project.

    So onward and upward, it looks like the most intense work is behind you.

  6. I am always so jealous of the choices you make…you know what you want and go for it. I am in pre-renovation and can’t decide on tile or placement or wood…it is exhausting!! Any advice for making decisions you will have to live with forever? I know what I want my bathrooms to be but my kitchen is so up in the air I am dizzy! We have a 1 bedroom apartment in our walk out basement with a full kitchen so we are going with a complete gut upstairs. How do you choose? Did you work with someone?

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