Ripping out the Wood Floors at Brick House 319

The wood floors at Brick House 319 were rips 2″ wide x 5/16″ deep, as a result they were not tongue and groove. In March, John used a shale bar and ripped the wood off the sub floor. In doing so, it caused another problem which exposed the finish nails (they were #8 x 1 1/2″). The wood floor in the entire house came up in one day but left us with thousands of nails in the sub floor; they had to be pulled up with a flat bar and/or wire cutters.


On Saturday, John removed the nails, and I went over the floors and took out the ones that he missed.


We tried to save the existing floor but the fact that it wasn’t 3/4″ T&G made it impossible to save it.

Phone photos 816Phone photos 860Phone photos 858The wood and carpeting in the Blosenski dumpster created an overweight charge. It was a coincidence when the Blosenski driver showed up to pick up the dumpster, he saw the last name on the invoice and said to John, “I went to school with someone by this name that lived in the big white house down the road; I used to play football at their house when I was a kid.” John said, “That was me!” John vaguely remembered him (it has been 37 years since he graduated high school). I’ll post about the house John grew up in soon; it’s a special house that everyone in the area knows about.

Phone photos 859




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