Spackle Bid: $1500

A couple of days ago, we got a quote for spackling three rooms: living room, dining room and kitchen. It was $4000 for two coats of spackle and sanding. Needless to say, we continued looking for spacklers.

Yesterday, we got a quote of $1500 for spackling the entire house with two coats of spackle and sanding. The spackler said it will be “paint ready.” We will buy the joint compound.

When it gets to the painting phase, John is an excellent painter, very meticulous and does a great job. He actually likes doing it. We have never had any intention of hiring painters.

About the arborvitae. The arborvitae we chose, we have had in the past. We like it. In fact, we love it.

8 thoughts on “Spackle Bid: $1500

  1. Thank goodness ! Finally ! Good for you guys. John needed relief from that phase. That is a man-killer, all that spackling. Way too much for one man. Not a bad price, either ! Now John can concentrate on buttoning up the soffits outside. Excellent !

  2. So what is your process for vetting your contractors? Do you look for things like BBB accreditation or testimonials from previous customers?

    1. We definitely do vetting. We also looked at a job they just did. Additionally, they were recommended by a contractor working on a house near us.

  3. Well that’s much more reasonable! I love arborvitae too! I think it’s too hot here in Alabama for it, or I’d have a row of it along my back fence. I believe there are varieties of cedar that work here, I need to look into it.

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