Spackling During a Heatwave


After finishing the first coat of “mud” in the kitchen, John started in the dining area.

We’ve had an ongoing oppressive heat wave which will continue through the weekend.


After finishing the dining area, it was time to climb the ladder in the living room.


John’s a perfectionist; it almost looks like a wallpaper pattern 🙂


Kiwi, our pug, watches the daily progress from his chair on the left.


When people walk in the front door, they look up and stop in their tracks. They’re not expecting to see such a high ceiling.

I plan on doing something a little bit non-traditional with paint colors/pattern for these walls.


9 thoughts on “Spackling During a Heatwave

  1. More beautiful and special with each post. I am sure you will hear this too often but John, please remember to drink lots of water. I am looking forward to seeing your choices of colors, fabrics and accessories!

  2. I’m awe struck as to the proportions of the rooms. Once seeming very small with little light has gone to an sense of openness with an abundance of light making it seem as though it’s not even the same house.

    BTW last week on the program Haunted Collector they were in PA and mentioned being on the Main Line driving to a destination and they passed a house that looked exactly like yours before you underwent construction. It really caught my attention.

    However, John seems to have a never ending supply of energy and I’m amazed.

  3. This is all so amazing — can’t wait to see the end result! Thanks for writing about it and taking pictures of it all.

  4. In the first picture that shows John from the back, there are two recessed areas in the dining room wall. Are those going to be cabinets? Recessed shelves? More windows?

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