Spam Comments Deactivated My Blog for a Few Hours Today

I received an email from my (host) server today stating that my blog was temporarily “deactivated.” I called my server and while waiting on hold I had a temporary meltdown.

The culprit: Spam comments–thousands of them. I was told to “empty” out the comments from my administration panel, call the server back and then install an anti-spam plug-in.

When I went to “empty” (meaning DELETE) the spam comments I didn’t realize it, but I actually deleted my entire blog (10 months worth of work).

When I called the server back, I told the tech person on the phone (the same person I had on the initial call) that I did what he told me to do–I emptied the spam comments. He said, “Let me take a look.” He continued, “You deleted your entire blog.” Before I had a serious meltdown combined with a panic attack, he quickly followed with, “Its OK, I can bring it all back up since we have a backup system.” Thank God for backup systems!!!!

So for any of you who saw that my blog was temporarily off the radar and floating somewhere in cyberspace, this was the reason. And for any of you who have a WordPress blog, if you haven’t installed an anti-spam comment plug-in, do saw now. It only takes seconds.

After my blog was re-activated, I discovered I only lost this morning’s blog post and republished it.



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