Stump Grinding with a Rayco at Brick House 319

Over Memorial Day weekend, John rented a stump grinder from Taylor Rental. The Rayco machine cost $250.00 to rent for a 24-hour period. We lucked out because we rented over a holiday weekend. John picked it up at 3:00PM on Friday and dropped it off at 7:30AM on Tuesday morning. If you have a lot of stumps to grind, renting during a weekend is when to get your bang for the buck.

IMGP3279Here is John finishing up the dead oak stump at the front of the house. Typically, to hire someone to grind stumps, you can expect to pay between $90 to $150 for a 24-inch stump to be removed. The dead oak stump would probably cost about $300.00.

IMGP3281It was fairly easy to operate the machine. John drove the machine forward to  position the grinder/wheel directly over the stump’s edge and used the hydraulic lever to operate the grinder, which swings back and forth across the wood. If you have ever attempted the back breaking work of removing a stump with an axe, this machine makes it a piece of cake.

IMGP3228John had used his Stihl chain saw to cut the stump as low to the ground as possible so that the stump grinder could easily access it. (If you hire someone to cut down a tree, tell them to cut it as low as possible.)

IMGP3287John attacked about 15 stumps in the front and backyard, and when he was finished, loaded the stump grinder back on the trailer. Now the property is free of pesky stumps for landscaping and gardening.

IMGP3288For those of you who don’t have a vehicle with a hitch, rental companies will deliver.

IMGP3290While John was returning the stump grinder to Taylor Rental, I was working a trip to Cancun. Pennsylvania was actually hotter than Cancun.




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