Taking Out Original Wiring and Recycling it for $$

John took down all of the original old wiring throughout the house. Once he shut down the 200 amp service, it was then safe to cut all the wires out of the house along with outlets and switches.


Below: Before Bill, the previous owner, bought the house in 1985, this separate 50 amp service for the basement was installed. Apparently, the original owner who bought the house when it was built in 1954 had it installed in the ’70s or early ’80s.


Below: John disconnected one of the wires in the future mudroom. When the electrician comes in to do the electrical work the new 200 amp service will be relocated to the NW corner of the house and down into the garage. A Generac generator came with the house and the beige box (below) will be installed adjacent to the service.




John used tap con masonry screws to screw in the 3/4″  plywood into the block wall in the garage, where the 200 amp service will be installed as well as the Generac.


This is the start of the pile of wire…



The pile got bigger. How much can you get from recycling all of the copper wire in a split level home? A total of $157.00!




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