The Attic Clean-out at Brick House 319

When: December

The low side of the attic at Brick House 319 (over the living/dining area) is the east side of the house and the high side (over the 3 bedrooms) is on the west side, and is the larger side. Both of these areas, as with the rest of the house was inundated with boxes. John said, “I literally had to claw my way from the low side to the high side over a two week period of time.

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Stairs inside the upstairs hall bathroom access the low side of the attic. From the low side to the high side is about 5ft.

John explained what Bill stored in the attic:

 Bill had four 20ft Ham radio antennas bolted to the chimney with stainless steel brackets. They were attached to the antennas with PL-259 connectors. The antenna cables ran from the antennas through the low side attic to the high side attic and then straight down into the second floor bedroom. Bill had his Ham radio equipment in the smallest of the 3 bedrooms where he would talk to people from all over the world. Bill asked me to coil up all of the cables, which were 100ft in length each, so that he could go through them at a later date.

All of Bill’s CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes) were in the attic. There were about 500 of them. He wanted to keep tubes 12″ and under. Anything over 12″ was discarded. CRTs were used to repair televisions between the 50s and 70s. Bill would sell them to people around the country.

What did you take out of the attic?

There were computer monitors, VCRS, lawn furniture, desks, chairs, speakers, receivers, printers computer monitors, standing lamps, desk lamps in boxes, and thousands of feet in rolls of coax cable that Bill bought at close-outs.

Bill also stored all of the old windows from the house when he had them replaced. They were thrown out in the dumpster.

There were many boxes of Christmas decorations and ornaments, which John donated to the local Goodwill.

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I moved all the attic contents downstairs where everything blended with the contents from the three bedrooms.

My goal in getting the attic contents removed was to take out all of the insulation in the roof rafters and attic floor in preparation for taking out the sheetrock/plaster walls.



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