The Bonus Room on Mudroom Level & Basement Stairwell

The “Bonus Room” is really coming along. This is the 13×16 room that is adjacent to the mudroom. As I mentioned in previous blog posts, this room is flexible space that can be used for so many purposes.

Click here to see what the Bonus Room looked like when it was gutted and when John installed the French drain.

John is walking from the bonus room and entering the mudroom. To the left is the entrance to the garage.

Click here to see the mudroom and part of the bonus room LAST July.

Originally, I thought we would use it as a media room with a flat screen TV on the wall and a sectional across from it. I like a TV to be in a separate room from the rest of the house.

I might choose Yorkwood Manor Birchtree wood-like tile for the floor.



Back in the 80’s, the previous owner used this room as a large bedroom and rented it out. The tenant used the back door as a private entrance and the mudroom was a kitchenette. There was a wall enclosing the room with a door. John knocked the wall down.

This is the wall where I would place a comfy sectional across from the flat screen. The partial wall on the left is the stairwell to the basement. Previously, it was a railing which John removed. He then framed a wall to create a stairwell.

Here is the other side of the wall in the previous photo leading down to the basement. Yesterday, John had to pack out the 2×4 wall because the masonry below it protruded too far and had to be corrected. If he didn’t pack it out, he would not have a way to attach the Sheetrock to the masonry below.

Today, he hung the drywall in the stairwell. He leveled the Sheetrock off the bonus room floor. This left the masonry exposed where John will add wooden vertical strips of plywood. He will then attach the Sheetrock to the vertical strips.

This is one of those jobs that appears “small” but is actually intricate, takes time and can be somewhat difficult. John just said to me, “Imagine if you had to pay someone just to do this?”


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Birchtree Wood-like Tile: Photo Courtesy-DALTILE





5 thoughts on “The Bonus Room on Mudroom Level & Basement Stairwell

  1. I really LOVE that birchtree tile. I think you will really like it. Maintenance is pretty easy and it looks fabulous. With a perfectly level floor, which I’m sure John has ensured, installation should be quick and easy. Plus you can always get a really nice area accent rug if you like.

    It’s been over a year now.

    Are the inspections over? Is it simply a matter of finishing and then installing fixtures and appliances, painting and such?

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