The Bonus Room

We have a bonus room downstairs on the mudroom and garage level. This is the room that has the double window facing the front yard. I told John that I want a deep windowsill just like the bedroom windows upstairs.

The Anderson 400 series window is a custom size. John had to pack out the perimeter with 5/4 framing. He hung drywall on the top, left and right so that the deep windowsill (which will be oak) will protrude over about 2.” The window faces south so the sill will be more like a ledge for plants.

I call this room the Bonus Room because it really is a bonus. It can literally be used as bedroom–which we don’t need since we already have four–it can be a home office, it can be a TV/entertainment room, it would be great for a pool table, it can be a room for exercise equipment or it can be a craft/art studio.

Always use a T-square to find the center of the studs on the wall. Draw a line so that you know where to put the screws. John uses more screws than necessary because it’s his house; we will never have nail pops.

Normally, an extension jamb would be inserted allowing for trim around the window. Instead, John will add Sheetrock in the recessed area and then corner bead just as he did in all the other rooms in the house. We don’t want trim.

I would actually love to have a pool table in this room. (Wish List)



5 thoughts on “The Bonus Room

  1. That truly is a bonus. Nice high ceilings. And the plants would love that ledge. And a really nice big window facing south means lots of light too. Finishing it off as you are just adds that much more value to the house.

    Any idea what the end value will be once you have completed this phase I of your work? (Because we know that down the line you are going to do even more improvements.)

  2. Not for nothing, but if you don’y want nail pops, use construction adhesive on every joist/stud, and less screws. Sagging, settling, shifting loads from snow-loading, people and tub-water all stress, and move the framing. The more nails or screws you have, the more likely to pop. In the future, the industry may go entirely with adhesive…and NO fasteners ! They’ve been working on it for years. But you can’t go wrong with adhesive, super effective and cheap !
    Please don’t take me the wrong way ! You guys are doing great, by any measure. I admire that you are very bold to take on any aspect. I really enjoy your progress, your blog, and your style !
    Take care,
    Mark the Mason

  3. Not sure how big the room is, but here’s a handy-dandy chart to help you determine what size room you need in order to accommodate different size pool tables and the additional length of the cues when you’re shooting (especially if the balls are up against the edges and you have the tip of the cue pulled back to the bumpers)

    Did you allow for a light over the pool table to be hung in the center of the room?

    I would also recommend using backless bar stools vs. stools that have a back or arm rests that can get in the way of the cue when you’re shooting.

    1. This is great info. Thanks so much for the link! For lighting, we have installed high hats but can still install a light in the center of the ceiling for a pool table.

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