The Bryant Furnace is Hooked Up!


Here’s our new Bryant furnace which was installed on Friday. A temporary thermostat is installed to the right of it. We turned it on and heard it fire up but we had to turn it off because the house still needs to be sealed up. John has to install the exterior Hardie trim, seal all the window and door jambs with low expansion foam sealant, and of course, the big job of insulating the entire house followed with drywall.

Here’s a quick video I found on Fine Home Building showing how to use low expansion foam around doors and windows.

Tomorrow, the electrical inspector will do the rough electric inspection. If we pass, we can begin insulating. After the insulation is installed, we’ll then drywall. After the work is completed and the house is nice and tight, we’ll be able to turn the shiny, new furnace on.

Once the house is heated, we’ll then have running water flowing through the colorful PEX pipe waterlines. Evan, our plumber, we’ll soon be installing our 50 gallon water heater too. We’ll be able to turn on faucets and have the luxury of modern day plumbing.



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